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Rowland Hall Last Updated:  Feb 17, 2009, 2:25 PM PST

Rowland Hall: Rooms 101 and 104

Lecture Hall, Dimmable Lights
capacity: 138

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Room 101:
Seating Charts - image, html
138 Fixed Seats.

Room 104:
Seating Charts - image, html
138 Fixed Seats.

Rowland Hall: Room 108

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49 Fixed Seats, Classroom, Media, 2 Fixed Blackboards (4'X20'), Periodic Chart, Lab Bench, Screen, Periodic Table

Rowland Hall: Room 114

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66 Fixed Seats, Classroom, Media, Fixed Liquid Pen Boards, Table (3'X3'), Screen, Periodic Chart

Rowland Hall: Room 184

Similar to Room 188

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35 Tablet-Arm Chairs (50 Tablet-Arm Chairs- Room 188,) Classroom, Media, 2 Fixed Blackboards, Screen, Podium, Periodic Chart

Every room is equipped with a trash can.
All fixed seating lecture rooms have tablet-arm chairs.
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